Are You Financially Prepared for your NEXT step in life?
At Phase 2 Investment Advisers we help you realize your phase two!

Phase 2 Investment Advisers is a key member of your family's Board of Directors, helping coordinate and implement the most efficient planning toward your definition of phase two.

Phase 2 Investment Advisers (Phase2IA) assists individuals and families in West Michigan achieve their financial goals. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we put our resources, knowledge and leverage to work to help you enjoy your future, your phase two in life, with the financial resources you need.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Experienced Financial Planning and Mentoring,
  • Diversified Investment Management Strategies with a focus on capital preservation in adverse markets, and
  • Appropriate Insurance Coverage.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are a fiduciary, required by law to act in the best interests of our clients. At Phase2IA, we strive to go beyond that standard by getting to know our clients, their families and their lives to help them realize a financially secure phase two.